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Rockabillynow at Gold Diggin‘ Papa concert!


Hey Guys!

A lazy sunday morning in bed, some late breakfast and no idea what to do. As many couples we too spend the weekends together. It’s never a challenge for us to find something we would enjoy doing together; We both love nature and love to hike, we like to watch series and movies, sometimes we jam a bit together on the guitar but this particular sunday we wanted to get out and do something with a little more swing. So like the ‚Modern‘ people that we are, we used Google to try and find something to do on our sunny sunday. Pascal was putting on some Rock’n’Roll hits as I was typing away in the search engine. After inserting the date and the word american, we came across a couple of events. The only one that actually caught our eye was the ‚American day in Echten, Holland‘.


It was on a campsite called ‚Westerbergen‘, which I had never heard from before. It was only a 36 minute drive so we decided to take the chance and see if it was something cool or not. We got into my tiny yellow Peugeot, that I lovingly call Bumblebee, onwards to adventure. (hoping it will transform itself into a yellow Chevrolet Camaro one night, haha but I guess that will stay a dream for a couple more years).


The markt was quickly forgotten when we spotted the perfect table infront of the stage where ‚Gold Diggin‘ Papa‘ was going to be playing that day. We had never heard from the band so we were suprised when they came on and introduced theirselves saying they were from Berlin. It turned out to be a joke and they actually originated from a town called Stadskanaal in Holland. We went to this concert without expectations, seeing as it was only on a terrace at a campsite we had never heard of. We had also looked at the website of the band and the layout is not really appealing also hasn’t been updated in over a year. However, this 4-man band suprised us. Positively may I add. They are easy to lable, as also mentioned on their website. Roots Music: Rockabilly influenced by Blues, Surf & Country. Which in our opinion is a nice combo. Two guitars, Drums and a bad-ass Blue Double Bass. Each member of the band is gifted, they not only play their instruments like Rock’n’Roll veterans but also know how to sing and swing!

When the lead singer jumped of stage and went to have a quick drink we were flabbergasted that the Drummer, out of all of them, was singing the next song! It was awesome. Later on during the performance the lead singer gave up the spotlight once again. We figured the drummer would be up again but another suprise awaited us when the guitarist started. We liked the lead singer, he’s got the Rock’n’Roll style and the voice to match, the drummer was also great and it’s admireable that he can multitask both things but we absolutely loved it when the guitarist got up to the mic and owned it. He looks like the guy-next-door who would always let you borrow a cup of sugar when in need, but sounds like a freaking LEGEND. We were thrilled that we got to hear him sing a couple of songs too. As said before, they are all talented and I don’t even know where to start. I think each one of them would sound great seperately but together they sound amazing. Let me tell you this, I know nothing about double-basses whatsoever, but I can imagine that such a heavy and big instrument is not easy to play. Atleast, that’s what I thought before the concert. When I saw him play it, it looked as if it was a piece of cake. Man and instrument are one.

There were also female linedancers that showed us routines during a couple of songs. We are personally not big fans but they seemed to be having fun which made us smile too. All in all, we can say that this was an event and band that suprises. All four men know what they are doing and are taking the stage with a lot of confidence and have great humor.

We would also like to compliment ‚Westerbergen‘. We went not expecting much but they really gave us something great. They had an extra menu that was ‚American‘ themed. Chickenwings, XL hamburgers etc. They allowed a charity to sell peanuts on the terrace which I find a great initiative. People get something to eat and sponsor the charity with it too. Win-Win for both parties, great hospitality from the campsite.

14054824_10205606075271722_1360465235_n When we arrived we had also noticed that the staff were all wearing flannel-shirts and cowboy hats which I giggled at because it looked absolutely adorable. Sadly we did not get to see the whole performance, we would really like to go again as soon as possible. I know that this Review was only loving words and compliments but Holiday Park Westerbergen in Echten, Holland may be really proud of this Event.

You can find the band on facebook and follow their events to go and see for yourselves how awesome these guys are! 🙂

Lots of love,

Pascal & Mel

P.s. Look at this awesome blue double bass! We recommend you to treat your ears to the sounds of this guy rocking out with it!


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