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The 9.Born to Drive in Bremen


Hey Guys!

It was 13.08.2016 that we we’re driving to the 9th ‚Born to Drive‘ in Bremen. It was the very very first time that we were going to see what this event was all about. We already knew that the location has a lot of space to offer for Cars and stands. However, now was the time to see how it looked in Reality. On the Highway while making our way towards Waterfront (the shopping mall that the event is next to), we could see the first signs that would lead us to Born to Drive. There were alot of US-Cars going the same way as we were going. As you could maybe imagine, that only got us more and more excited. We could look in the rearview mirror and see one of our dream cars. The traffic got slower and slower and a traffic jam was forming, that was the moment that we actually realised how big of a crowd would be waiting for us there. As we had finally left the busy traffic and found a parkingplace at the side of Waterfront the anticipation got to its highest level. More andmore US-Cars were popping up around us, some people actually dressed up according to the theme and the Sound of the V8 engines made us aware of the fact that we had finally arrived.

When we stepped onto the property we were really not dissapointed. We couldn’t see where the end of the event was and in our opinion that’s awesome, because it meant that there were many many cars to see. What we noticed first, next to the music and the cars, was the smell of Hot Dogs and Burgers. After the long trip by car, and the fact that it was already noon, the Hamburger stand was our first check-in. The stand had so many options to choose from when it came to Hot Dogs and American Hamburgers. After a moment of doubt we had chosen the Burger and may we add ‚Dayyum, that’s one good Burger!‘. We wanted to get another one but the cars were waiting to be inspected and appreciated. That’s how we started getting to know the location. There really were alot of different things to see and do. Not just old Mustangs, Corvette’s and lots of Chevrolets but also Hot Rots, Pick Ups and and and we will just show you guys in a few different posts!



The Location was also stocked with alot of different stands that had jewelry, accesories and clothes to offer. The US-Car ‚Stammtisch‘ Bremen, the ones organizing this event, had come to the event in an old US Schoolbus. Next to the bus was a stage where a band was playing some Rock’n’Roll to compliment the atmosphere.



When the shopping possibilities had not met your expectations, you could always walk into Waterfront and treat yourself there.

We could recommend everyone to go to this event atleast ones! We are excited for next year and maybe we’ll see you there!


Pascal & Mel

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