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My First Dress!


Hey There! It’s me! Mel! My Passion for the 50’s style started back in early 2013. I’ve always admired the style and loved the music that goes along with the Rock’n’Roll decades. During my High school years I was pretty alternative and liked to try on all different kinds of styles.

 Up until my friends graduation prom in 2013 I had never gotten to try on the Rockabella style. When I was looking for a Pretty dress to wear, I stumbled upon a Shop (that sadly doesn’t exist anymore) in Stadskanaal, The Netherlands. This shop was called French Kiss and had the sweetest sales lady ever. This is where I fell in love immediately with a Unicorn Dress. It may have seemed childish to my friends when they saw the dress hanging on the rack but I just had to try it on. So I jumped into the changing room, which had this really cool retro wallpaper and purple drapes that looked like the ones that would be hung up on a stage for a Broadway Production. When I came out I absolutely loved it and luckily for me so did my Mom. However, the sales lady, Teresa said she was missing something. So after she quickly browsed her shop, she came back with an off-white Petticoat. Well, after I put that on underneath I was twirling and dancing in front of the mirror. That detail really made the outfit. My mother offered to buy me both things and she couldn’t have made me more happy that day. The cherry on top was the Flower that Teresa gave me to put in my hair when I would get dolled up for the Prom.

The day of Prom I was in the clouds. Blasting Elvis Presley’s ‘Hound dog’ throughout the house and Twisting and Twirling around with the dogs in between make-up and hair sessions. When I finished and my friend and I would be brought to the Prom in a cool car, I was hastily looking at what jacket to wear. It was a good thing that I had already picked out my shoes, because else I would’ve been a bit too fashionably late haha. I wore some heels with big bows on the side and decided to finish the look up with a leather jacket that I once bought at H&M.

During the evening I got a lot of compliments, from teachers, friends and even strangers. If you’re intrested in buying the dress too then just type into google: Hell Bunny Rockabilly Unicorn Cupcake Dress. Hope you enjoyed my Story! 🙂


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