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American Wheels in Leer!

To our Delight it’s almost that time of the year again – The American Wheels in Leer, Germany.

The 27th of august it is taking place in the city of Leer(Ostfriesland), for the 7th time. The event extends from the pedestrian area, through the old part of the city up untill the Town Hall. For every Fan of American Musclecars and Oldtimers a Must-See! The event is completely free and the prices of the Drinks & Snacks aren’t ridiculously high either. Some of the snacks are being sold in small stands, decorated to fit the theme, on the side of the street. The variety is also amazing, from BBQ to an ice cold Beer or even Waffels. So, Options enough! But that’s not all. There are also stages where some Bands play, small dance-offs take place and much more. However, the public attraction is obviously focused on the ‚American Wheels‘. Throughout the whole city there are Musclecars and Oldtimers parked along the ways. These cars are put here for show by hobby mechanics, collecters and car enthousiasts. The highlight of the event is the Parade which is making the whole Location move! from Pedestrian Zone up untill the Town Hall Square.  Alot of cars have their own Rockabilly or Rockabella as Show Piece and love to get into a little battle of ‚Who’se car can make the most noise!

          — For this Post we also asked Karsten Pehle, the co-founder and organizer, how the first American Wheels came to be. —

Karsten Pehle:

In 2010 a couple of merchants from the Old city of Leer and I wanted to organize an event that Leer had never seen before. I came with the idea to do an US-CarMeet. We took the 4th of September to actualize the event. A small parkplace in the Old city was cordoned off for us and we took a Truck Trailer as our stage. After a couple of calls we had about 30 cars that would join our meet up. Some of the merchants in the Pedestrian Zone did not take us seriously and ridiculed our actions.

Here we have a few small impressions from last year, we recommend: Just come and get your own impression of this Event! We can only recommend it to you and we sincerely hope that some year we can actually take part in it!

Lots of love from Pascal&Mel

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