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Beans & Fatback @VERA

At 30.03.2016 we visited the concert of Beans and Fatback in the Dutch venue VERA. This venue is located in the wonderfull city of Groningen and has had some great bands play on their stages over the years. Beans and Fatback was, as the title of this post may have given away, the main act. Their support-act was ‚das Audio Combo‘ whome we weren’t very familiar with. The public was again a pleasant suprise, just like our first event together the ages of the people in the crowd varied. There were a couple of people dressed to impress! Rock’n’Roll outfits and some pretty Petticoats dancing across the floor too. The first act, das Audio Combo, left the people with questioning looks on their faces. The instruments were set-up infront of the stage instead of on it and we believe that most of the people in the crowd didn’t really know them, hence the question marks on their faces. Then the 3 bandmembers came on, first the Drummer, then the Bassist and last but not least the leading man on his organ (as we like to call him). When they started playing the first song it became clear, when you didn’t know the band, what they made. Their songs were completely Instrumental and had the 70’s vibe to them, which also explained the dressing style of the bandmembers. Eventhough the songs were completely Instrumental it felt as if one story after the other was told thanks to the amazing symphonies of the organ. There was so much passion that you could actually see them get lost in the music. At one point he was jamming so hard that a girl from the public had to come over to push his beer back up on his organ before it fell off. The public was clearly taken by the music and alot of heads were bopping along. After das Audio Combo got the crowd going, it was time for Beans & Fatback to take the stage. We had been looking forward to see them the whole evening and let me tell you: ‚They were worth the wait!‘. These 6 man and 1 woman were Rock’n’Roll purebloods. The crowd was excited and we all danced, danced, danced and danced some more. The singers showed us what they were made off and the other bandmembers all got their, equally amazing, Solo during the introduction round. To sum it all up, it was an amazing evening and we are so completely and utterly excited about attending one of their next Shows.


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