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Rockabilly Night Zollhaus Leer

At 27.02.2016 was the day we went to our first Rockabilly Event together. We went on a date to the Rockabilly night in Leer, Germany that took place in the old Zollhaus. In Zollhaus are more often concerts and events. The decorations and the place itself really fit to the theme and took us right back to the 50’s. There was a stand where you could take your photo together infront of an american flag which, for us,  it has become a picture where alot of good memories are attached to. What we noticed the minute we walked in was that people dressed to impress! They looked amazing and fit right into the theme. It wasn’t just the older crowd that pulled there most gorgeous dresses and blouses out of the closet, it was also the younger crowd that seemed to have stepped right out of a vintage magazine. The band of the evening was called ‚The Boosters‘. Their style was, in our opinion, awesome. Rock’n’Roll baby! Alot of couples made their way to the dancefloor and seemed to have the time of their lifes. Again age didn’t matter. The older couples, the ones I can imagine danced like that back in their younger days, dominated the dancefloor but the youngsters were also Twisting and Twirling around. The band had a couple of pauses, to grab a drink, catch their breath and chat a bit with the audience. During the pauses there was a DJ spinning some old Records which kept the people dancing. Another highlight of the evening was the Rockabella & Rockabilly competition. The public was introduced to the candidates and could vote by writing on the ‚votecards‘. The winners became a really big applause from the crowd but the giftcard from the ‚Rockabella‘ Shop in Leer was the Cherry on Top. We will introduce you later in the blog to this store. For us it was also a great way to discover that we both shared this passion and we are so excited for the next Rockabilly Night here!

Rockabilly night zollhaus

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